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Rose C'est La Vie

The Rose C’est La Vie is the Zeorymer’s twin and its element is the moon. It is piloted by Ritsu and is equipped with many weapons including the massive J Kaizer.

J Kaizer System
Components of the Rose C'est La Vie's external armor reconfigure to form the J Kaizer, a massive energy weapon. The third image shows the reconfiguration process while the fourth image shows the remote units called moonlettes that are launched high into the air to collect energy and beam them back to the Rose C'est La Vie.

The Rose C'est La Vie with the J Kaizer System removed
without J Kaizer System

Additional Weapons
The chest houses multiple beam cannons and another beam cannon can be found in each leg. Each finger emits a beam which, when combined with the other fingers of the same hand, form the Moon Beam Sword. The 2 Moon Beam Swords can be used together in an attack called the Lunar Flash.

The First Rose C'est La Vie
Although they look very similar there are differences in the shoulder armor and armored skirt.