RTX-008L-EX Huckebein Ex

RTX-008L-EX Huckebein Ex

After the Vanishing Trooper incident, the remaining Original Huckebein was sealed away. However, as the encounter with the Aerogators came to a head, at least one Huckebein unit was recommissioned, having been equipped with spare parts from the Huckebein Mk II project. While it is now externally identical to the Huckebein MK II, it retains the power and capabilities of the original Huckebein due to its operational black hole engine.

Appearances Super Robot Wars Alpha

RTX-008L-EX Huckebein Ex
19.9 meters
53.3 tons
Irmgald Kazahara
60mm Vulcan, Micro Missile, Plasma Sword, Rip Slasher Kai, Black Hole Cannon Kai
SRW Attack List:

Micro Mossile,
Plasma Sword,
Rip Slasher,
Black Hole Cannon Kai

Special thanks to Neo Roanoke for the profile.