SRG-01C Grungust Kai

SRG-01C Grungust Kai

As the war witrh the Aerogators came to a head, it was clear that the Earth Forces would need additional support in terms of reinforcements. In response to this, the Testla-Leight Institute rolled out the Grungust Kai, a remodeled Grungust using parts and armor from the newly rolled our Grungust Mk II. The transformation mechanism from this unit has been removed, and in its place a Tronium engine has been equipped, allowing the unit to achieve sustained flight. Because of their partnership with Mao Industries, they were also able to equip this unit with the Gravicon System from the Huckebein Mk II.

Appearances Super Robot Wars Alpha, Kaito Ragouken (Calamity Blade)

SRG-01C Grungust Kai
50 meters
285 tons
Irmgard Kazahara
Boost Knuckle, Keito Ragouken (Calamity Blade), Omega Laser, Kaishiki Bakurenda (Type Kai Assault), Final Beam
SRW Attack List:

Omega Laser
Kaishiki Bakurenda (Type Kai Assault)
Boost Knuckle
Final Beam

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