RPT-07TT Gespenst Mk II
Mass Production Telekinesis Test Type

RPT-07TT Gespenst Mk II

In addition to creating a mass production version of the venerable Gespenst model, Mao Industries created a limited line of Gespenst Test Type units. While ambiguously distributed to collect data on the Gespenst Mass Production type, these units in fact had a specific ulterior motive. They were all equipped with prototype T-Link Systems, in order to gather data on the T-Link System man machine control interface for psychodivers. As part of this test system, the standard slash Ripper equipped on the Gespenst Mk II has been replaced by the similar T-Link Ripper, which is controlled by the psychodriver pilot’s thoughts.

In all other respects, these machines are identical to the standard Gespenst Mk II.


Special thanks to Neo Roanoke for the profile.

RPT-07TT Gespenst Mk II
Ryusei Date, Aya Kobayashi, Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield
Split Missile Launcher, T-Link Ripper, M950 Machine Gun, Neo Plasma Cutter (can use all Gespenst weapons)
SRW Attack List:

Split Missile
M950 Machine Gun
Neo Plasma Cutter
T-Link Ripper