One of the Aerogators’ final trump cards, the Septuagint is the true form of Meteor Three, the asteroid that was discovered to contain information on Extra Over Technology. In fact it is a trap. By tempting a civilization with advanced technology, the Ze-Balmary empire fuels the advancement of a potential planet before attacking with an advanced fleet, capturing not only the populace of this planet to be used as candidates for soldiers but also whatever unique weapons and technologies that race has produced using this technology.

Should this target race ever proove to be too much for the Ze-Balmar fleet to handle on their own, all of the Zyfluid crystals contained within the meteor would activate and convert the asteroid into a weapon. This weapon was programmed to do a single thing: destroy the planet and all those living on it, in order to prevent a threat to the Balmar homeworld.



Special thanks to Neo Roanoke for the profile.