AGX-15 Astranagant

AGX-15 Astranagant

After his Betrayal of the SRX team, Ingram Priskon creates this customized mobile weapon as an amalgamation of all of the technological advancements he had encountered, both from his homeworld and from Earth. Because it was created incorporating knowledge from the SRX project, and as a result it is capable of generating a Nendou Field in order to defend itself from attack. Powered by a powerful Ze-Balmary Quantum Wave Engine and a completed Cross Gate Paradigm system, which allows it to draw unlimited power from alternate dimensions. It is also said to be able to cross between dimensions at will.

In terms of weapons systems, the Astranagant is equipped with a similar Zol Orihalcon Sword to that used by the SRX. It also incorporates weapons systems similar to those of the R-1 such as the T-link feathers, which convert psychic energy into feather-like darts which can be fired as ranged weapons. Incorporating knowledge gained from the Cybaster, the Astranagant can utilize ranged Gun Familiars, similar to the High Familiar in many respects. The Astranagant also features more conventional weapons such as a high powered beam weapon called the Axion Cannon and smaller photon vulcans. By far its most powerful weapons system, however, is the Infinity Cylinder. Utilizing the power of the Wave Motion Engine and the Cross Gate Paradigm System, with a single attack the Astranagant is capable of returning an enemy to a point in time and space before it existed, literally obliterating it.

Its weapons systems and capabilities are extremely similar to the R-Gun Rivale, and some sources claim that the two are alternate existences of one another. This machine seems to be capable of 'merging' with other units, to create an entirely new mobile weapon. Specifically Cobray Gordon (another Balshem Series officer, genetically identical to Ingram Priskin) would encounter this unit after Ingram’s defeat and fuse with its remains, transforming his Varuch Ben into the Werkbau (and fusing Cobray Cordon’s body with the residual soul of Ingram Priskin).

Appearances Super Robot Wars Alpha, Super Robot Wars: Divine Wars (anime)

AGX-15 Astranagant
40.7 meters
187.9 tons
Ingram Priskin
Photon Vulcan, Zol Orihalcon Sword, T-Link Feather, Gun Familiar, Axion Cannon, Infinity Cylinder
SRW Attack List:


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