Core Booster

core booster

Despite its high performance as an aerospace fighter, the small fuselage of the G-Core gives it very limited armament and propellant space. To address these problems, the booster units used by the Ex-S Gundam can be connected to the G-Core to form a Core Booster similar to the type introduced in the One Year War.

The standard version of the Core Booster can be used both within and outside the atmosphere. The utility space in the front half of the booster unit, which normally holds propellant tanks, is instead used for an adapter unit that includes landing skids and downward-pointing vertical wings. The main wings attached to the sides of the booster unit have a total of six hardpoints for missiles and optional equipment, and beam weapons can be installed on the movable frame mounts on top of the booster.

The main wings can be removed to create a version exclusively for space use. The space version can also be equipped with extended propellant tanks, enabling the Core Booster to carry out longer missions. This last version was developed mainly for attacks on the Axis asteroid far outside Earth orbit. Also shown on this page is the core booster from the year 0079 that appeared in the TV series Mobile Suit Gundam.

Core Booster
Overall Length:
16.03 meters
14.76 meters
Full Weight:
27.25 tons
Thruster Output:
267,500 kg(Max) x 2
Missile Launcher x4
movable frame sections x 2, hardpoints x 6


Model Photos

Special thanks to Mark Simmons for the profile.