FA-010-A "FAZZ"


This prototype machine is created by Anaheim Electronics to evaluate the full armor equipment that will later be used by the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam, and its name is an abbreviation for "Full Armor ZZ Gundam." Because the FAZZ was created to gather test data only for the full armor form, it has no docking and transformation mechanisms, and the armor parts are fixed in place and cannot be removed. Its armor materials are also one grade lower, it lacks the anti-beam coating that is later applied to the ZZ Gundam, and the high mega cannons in its head and abdomen are merely dummy versions to check the machine’s balance. Thanks to these compromises the FAZZ is completed almost half a year before the ZZ Gundam itself.

Although its performance is inferior to that of the completed Full Armor ZZ Gundam, the FAZZ boasts considerable fighting strength. It is equipped with numerous missile launchers, two backpack beam cannons of the same type used by the S Gundam, and a huge hyper mega cannon more powerful than any other mobile suit-carried weapon of its time. Its high firepower and heavy armor allow the FAZZ to function as a support mobile suit in genuine combat, and three of these prototypes are assigned to Taskforce Alpha in order to suppress the New Desides.

This FAZZ team sees combat several times during the first stage of the Pezun Rebellion. On February 29, U.C. 0088, FAZZ pilots Shin Crypt and John Grissom first exchange fire with New Desides mobile suits. The team provides fire support for the destruction of the power satellite SOL 7804 on March 1, protects the warships of the suppression fleet from enemy satellite missiles during the final assault on Pezun on March 7, and helps rescue the remnants of Taskforce Alpha’s landing force after a failed attack on Ayers City on March 13. However, the team is wiped out in combat with the Gundam Mk. V at the beginning of Operation Eagle Fall on March 17, with Shin Crypt the sole survivor.

Unit Type:
Prototype Mobile Suit
Overall Height:
22.11 meters
Head Height:
19.86 meters
Base Weight:
45.4 tons
Full Weight:
94.6 tons
Power Generator Output:
8,070 kW
Thruster Output:
22,100 kg x4, 15,200 kg x2
1.26 G
Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors:
Sensor Radius:
16,200 meters
gundarium *
hyper mega cannon (79.8 MW), 60mm vulcan gun x2, back mounted beam cannons x2 (12 MW), 6 tube missile pod x2 (shoulders), 3 tube missile pod (left arm), 8 tube missile pod x2 (chest), 2 tube missile pod x2 (chest), 18 tube missile pod (backpack) **
Optional Armament:
double beam rifle (10.6 MW x2)
Shin Crypt, John Grissom, Robert Aldrin

* Gundam Wars III, Gundam Sentinel has no listing for armor. However, Katoki’s Designs & Products lists the armor as gundarium alloy and then again as gundarium composite on page 46. Page 54 of the same book lists it as gundarium gamma composite.
** Sources do not mention the number of missile pods or missiles for the FAZZ. Fans are left to make their best guesses.


ZZ Gundam
Below are some images of the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam from the TV series Gundam ZZ (1986-87) for reference. When the external armor is attached to the ZZ Gundam it is designated the FA-010-S.

Special thanks to Mark Simmons for the profile.