Morning Zest Interview

Broadcast Live from KZST Los Angeles Aug. 4, 1987

Big Mike: Good Morning, Los Angeles! Big Mike here and this is Morning Zest. Today we have as our special guest the pop sensation Catty just off the plane from Tokyo.

Catty: Thank you! It's so great to be here.

BM: We're so glad you could make it. So this is your first time in the U.S.?

C: Yes, and everyone's been so nice.

BM: You've made a big splash in the States with your debut album Second Lover. Record sales - especially considering it's recent release here in the U.S.

C: Thank you. I was surprised to hear how many fans I have outside of my home country, Japan.

BM: The bilingual lyrics have probably helped. There are many English lines in with the Japanese.

C: Yeah. I really got into my English studies in high school and college and wanted to use it in my music. I didn't have any plans to reach an English-speaking audience. Isn't it funny how things work out?

BM: Sure is. Now, many of your fans here don't know that the album first released in Japan on May 6 last year.

C: That's right. And July 26 was the first big concert.

BM: And now you're ready to kick off your U.S./Canada tour?

C: Yes. It's so exciting. I can hardly wait.

BM: You must have a full schedule ahead.

C: Oh, I know! My manager has me booked for so many appearances there won't be any time to catch my breath. With the 5 city Japan tour and music video filming just ending I'm working so much I feel like a robot.

BM: You certainly don't look like a robot.

C: Thanks.

BM: Now, is Catty your real name?

C: Oh, no. It's been my nickname every since childhood. Only my family calls me Kimiko.

BM: Many people have been discussing the spiritual elements of a few of the songs on the album.

C: I'm a big believer in reincarnation so I added that in a number of the songs. I'm just sure that we don't live only once. Don't you also get the feeling from time to time that you're having the same dreaming the same dreams and working for the same things that someone else has before?

BM: Yeah, I guess so. Hard to argue with that. If I could change gears for a moment, you've done more than just singing, right?

C: Oh, yes. After college I spent some time with the Japan Self Defense Forces.

BM: You? A soldier?

C: [laughs] No, no. I worked with the Intelligence Division. I used computers a lot. It was fun. My supervisor told me I was a natural but I wanted to try singing.

BM: A multi-talented girl. Well, you got your chance and now you're an international sensation.

C: Oh, stop it. [laughs]

BM: Anything to tell your U.S. fans before we wrap up?

C: Yes. Keep believing in your dreams - and don't give up on peace! We can end war if we try hard enough.

BM: Thank you, Catty. We wish you the best for your tour.