1. main gate
  2. secondary gate
  3. vegetable garden / vineyard
  4. wine house
  5. pond
  6. small airport
  7. Doura class cruiser
  8. a dorrey
  9. parking area
  10. east gate
  11. mortar headd silo
  12. tea house
  13. laboratory
  14. powerhouse
  15. guest house
  16. servants' quarters

Here is the main part of the vast Ballanche Castle grounds. Half has been reserved for an aircraft docking area to accommodate the headdliners and royalty that flew in frequently. Lachesis and her sisters used to play on the hill behind the castle proper. There is a teahouse and small lodgings up there, quite extravagant for someone who lives alone. "What do you mean 'extravagant'?" would no doubt be the reply from this scion of the great Balance family, no doubt thinking that he was actually "roughing it" out here in Trun. Typical for someone who enjoys hanging around with the likes of Ladios Sop! Incidentally, it is over 3 kilometers from the castle entryway to the end of the private access road.