1. Anti-Aircraft Biral-kema – A "laser meat chopper" whose 2 barrels fire in unison. A weapon of tremendous destruction, the biral-kema has also been leveled at ground targets.
  2. Main Pole – Always stands perpendicular to ground level, even when the Jagd is not.
  3. Cartridge Chain – Drive Motor.
  4. Reflector – Located where the largest flame exhaust occurs. Heats up bright red when the towers are fired in succession.
  5. Protruding Energy Pipe
  6. Buster Cartridges – There is no extractor to eject the shells, like in a pistol, rather the blast energy throws them a couple of hundred meters clear of the Jagd. They can damage a MH on contact and probably dismember any human that gets in their way.
  7. Wind Reflector – Frequently not mounted.
  8. Auxiliary Launcher – An attack weapon often used alone. So what are the twin towers for?
  9. Left Tower – The angles of elevation of the 2 towers are independent. The angle of elevation is 79° and the angle of depression -3°, but they change according to the Jagd’s movements. Horizontal movement is limited to only 7° to the left and 3° to the right!
  10. Armor – Over half the armor is skeleton to check the towers for unfired rounds from the outside (crazy enough). There are lots of holes.
  11. The twin towers cannot be fired in the vertical position due to blow-back from the firing chamber that would launch the Jagd as high as 200 meters into the air, a shock that would demolish it.