1. This piston engages when the co-arm is opened.
  2. This very thick armor doubles as a veil, like on the Knight of Gold. It will take the blow of any sword, like any other MH, but there is no comparable size anywhere in the galaxy.
  3. A flame launcher is mounted inside here, and its fuel tank is located on the right hip. The other co-arm has a slicer-cutter here.
  4. Standard MH finger assemblies with pincers for finger tips that are deft enough to turn the pages of a book... well maybe not that deft, given their size.
  5. The hand is cleaved and jointed like a human's, and is fully capable of playing "paper, stone, scissors."
  6. The Mirage logo mark carved into the armor, like on the shoulder and skull. The color is the same as the unpainted armor.
  7. The middle finger suspends the active veil and can bend all the way to the back of the hand.
  8. These 2 fingers have flexible nails used when the co-arms serve as the twin tower traveling lock.