1. The skeleton frame is as ugly to look at as it was distasteful to draw.
  2. The same exposed function turbine as on the Kingt of Gold. It is moveable.
  3. Main Exhaust – Rather than "exhaust," it is better described as "energy bypass." When the twin towers are mounted, the energy is transported to the launchers through a catalyzer.
  4. Characteristic umbrella structure armor, 3 to 4 layers thick for defecting both normal ordinance and lasers. Most laser attacks will be repulsed by the reflectors.
  5. This Mirage logo mark on the left shoulder is the only one readily visible on the Jagd (the mark hammered into the armor is different). Half of the skeleton armor is hidden above here. This is typical Mirage machine armor seen also on the LED Mirage.
  6. Side Landing Gear (Co-Leg)
  7. Co-Arm
  8. The orange and white painted stripes indicate that the Jagd is a MH that must be handled with the greatest caution. This is the coloring used during testing, and it was not removed after the Jagd was rolled out.
  9. This stabilizer juts out like this to keep the Jagd's enormous body balanced, especially during twin towers firing.
  10. The pin heels rotate when in use, and the boots, heels and crampons all open horizontal to the ground so that they do not dig large holes in the earth and seriously damage the surface of the Floating Temple, for example.
  11. Armor protecting the foot up over the ankle.
  12. Crampons for use with the twin towers, but also used to kick over enemy MHs.
  13. The 26 meter long speid. It has no sheath, and is attached with cutting blade up to the armor on the left side of the hip.
  14. There is a coaxial laser canon mounted in the eyeball, an exclusive feature of the Jagd. Amaterasu no doubt wanted to have "laser vision" darting out in full color, but it was hardly every used.
  15. The cockpit holding the headdliner and fatima located in the center of brain cavity and reinforced by 3 times the usual armor.
  16. There are one main and two auxiliary laser reflectors on each shoulder.