1. The marks on the launcher barrels enumerate the number of headliner kills, which is no match for the number of MH's the Jagd has scared the living hell out of and never encountered.
  2. Each launcher is wrapped in a 4-layer thermal jacket, which helps reduce the temperature difference between launcher chamber and the atmosphere, thus preventing barrel warping. Joker science and technology isn't that advanced to be able to control such an inevitable natural phenomenon.
  3. Main Pole – A Liechtenstein radar antenna unit 250 meters high, also functioning as a standard & guide. Ejector robots are seen in this illustration. Cousins to the extractors on the Floating Temple. They form the main patrol system & the main antenna. The main pole is actually just a decoration.
  4. Auxiliary Launcher
  5. Muzzle Reflector Unit – There is room inside here for the speid.
  6. Face Reflector Unit – Moves automatically.
  7. A very free interpretation of the launcher interior, which was originally detailed in a 95 x 40 cm smale design.
  8. Humans
  9. Active Veil – A huge reflector has been attached. In this position the veil can be used as a bludgeoning weapon in had-to-hand combat, since the edges are capable of flattening any enemy MH so encountered.
  10. Biral-kemas & Laser Machine Gun – Frequently not mounted.
  11. Chain Cartridge – 22 shots a piece.