Primary Armor Assembly Final Frame Full View

This is the final form of the MH with equipment and internal armor in place. Also called "Primary Armored State", it is only awaiting main armor and armaments to be complete. For illustrative purposes the various categories have been colored differently; keep in mind the actual Siren internals are not necessarily these colors.

Face Skull

The MH’s face. Unlike a human face, the only sensory inputs are the eyes. What appears to be a mouth is actually a ventilator for the control lines.

Protective covers for the arm base and upper arm. This MH is Neptune, so there are fewer cover plates with lighter armor.

Thigh Protective Cover

This part is fitted last as it also includes a power cylinder to assist in forward kicks. This cover is primarily for MH without skirt armor like the Neptune or whose skirt armor can be removed as with Dai Gu’s Prominence at Nakakara.

Equipment Mount

A small support arm for holding a veil (shield) or other weaponry.

Energy Catalyzer

Excess heat, electricity, and such from the engine and other parts are expelled here. Pressure from expelled gases and liquids are repurposed to send non-ezlaser physical power through the MH.

Hip Armor Setting Block

Provides a base for attaching the skirt or other hip-mounted equipment. Frequently incorporates oil tanks, bypasses, compressors, and such along with the internal armor plating.

Center Bar

Also called "the loincloth", the primary armor is already set in place. Just beyond are the oil servos and oil tanks for the hydraulics.

Lower Leg Armor

As the Neptune is a naked MH, the lower leg is covered by only a single large shin guard. Many MH units have a storage container in the outer ankle armor for goods or emergency supplies. This MH does not have the accommodation for such.

Foot Armor

A standard MH will have separate armor sections for the toes and the foot, but the Neptune has only one combined plate. However, it is clear from the transparent parts of the diagram that the ankle and toes can move freely inside, so this is really just a foot cover.