Ezlaser & Function Turbine Generator

Ezlaser Bypass

Ezlaser energy generated by the engine and regulated by the function turbines pass along this pipe to the various power cylinders. Equivalent to the aorta on a human.

Function Turbines/Generator

Performs energy amplification and conversion. The fins on either side are for output. The center fin is for returned energy. Essentially, a generator. No idea what the inside is like. While a MH’s base energy is light, on initial startup or combat situations where generator recharging cannot keep up, the central fan section can also be used as an intake for a buster launcher’s buster energy.

Power Effector

Converts ezlaser energy to simpler electricity, acts as a condenser, and functions as a transformer for various energies. When armored, this part is covered with organic gel, making it resemble a living organ.

Ezlaser Engine

Wrapped in a sturdy shell. Internals are here.