Collar Bone and Neck

Neck Support Arm

When viewing a MH up close, the neck support frame tends to be very noticeable. The lower portion functions as a power cylinder. Rotation is accomplished by moving the two arms independently, and is generally capable of mimicking human movement. Rear views and such are provided by rear-mounted support cameras.

Terminal Link

Acting as the primary pivot point for the neck, it is linked to the keel in back.

Collarbone Torsion Bar Counter Tissue

The collarbone is constructed from a torsion bar suspension built with a reflexive muscle system to perform delicate movement. This enables the MH to perform actions such as raising its head to look to the upper-left.

Collar Bone

The collarbones are connected not only to the shoulder blades, but also linked to the power cylinders of both arms. With a partial exoskeleton of armor plating, it can be said that collarbones are not necessarily essential parts for a MH, but they also serve as a guard frame around the knight’s cockpit and the power system set underneath.