Lovely Angel (First)

Lovely Angel

The first Lovely Angel appeared in the Dirty Pair TV series. The entire ship is bright pink (we’re never told if Kei and Yuri are to blame for this). The ship is well armed with four missile launchers on the underside and a large beam cannon attached to the bottom. The ship is able to serve as a home away from home for long journeys. Not only does it have a cargo hold but also a living room, locker room and kitchen. The living room converts to a bedroom with two separate beds.

One of the truly interesting features of the first Lovely Angel is the separate craft it contains. The front of the Lovely Angel hinges up to allow a small spaceship called the Cockpit Capsule to emerge. The Cockpit Capsule has a beam cannon and can serve as an escape pod or boarding craft. The Dirty Pair have surprised adversaries who weren’t expecting such a small ship to have a hidden boarding craft. The Lovely Angel’s main cockpit is inside the Cockpit Capsule but a crane arm can remove one of the pilot seats and move it up to the secondary cockpit before separation.

Lovely Angel (First)
32 meters
15.05 meters
45 meters
426.83 tons
Main Engine:
HAR Mk 05 antimatter reactor


Cockpit Capsule

Main Cockpit

Upper Cockpit