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Post by Lalasa » Tue Oct 19, 2004 7:07 am

Daishikaze wrote:...Gowcaizer. Personally I like everything I have ever seen that he was involved with, I want to get Dangaioh ....
You said Dangaioh! I think you're the first one I know of in any anime/mecha board that actually, literally spelled out Dangaioh.

I've been on quite a few and I admit that I don't like Dangaioh that much, except for the girls and the mecha, but I had hoped that someone would at least mention it (without "hate" in front or before it) in all of the 10 years I've been browsing the net.

I like Gowcaiser and Virus Buster Serge. In VBS, I liked the character designs more than the armor and the story was intriguing if only they would polish it up a bit.


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Post by Daishikaze » Tue Oct 19, 2004 1:28 pm

I try not to hate any anime unless I'm given a good reason to do so, always find something I like that will make the movie for me, sometimes its just the way an idea is presented that does it for me.

I read so many reviews for alot of anime I saw when I was younger and people always complain that it shows it age, and that the animation isn't as good as the stuff being made today, and that ruins it for them. I don't know why something like that would ruin it for them, don't judge by todays standards and you should enjoy it.

Dangaioh may not be a brilliant masterpiece of anime, but its not horrible either, and it seems that there can be no middle ground with alot of people, it either rules or it sucks to them.
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