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Post by Tachyon » Wed Feb 09, 2005 4:46 pm

Gears Online is 2 years old now and continues to grow. January '05 trailed slightly behind December '04 in traffic and December was the highest traffic mark ever.

This message board now has over 100 members and more than 5,000 posts. It's great to see things on an upward trend.

Wikipedia has 2 entries (that I know of) copied from Gears Online. For the manga Five Star Stories and mecha designer Nagano Mamoru. I guess the word is getting out that Gears Online is a good place to learn about mecha.

It seems this message board is approaching the stage in its growth where more rules and guidelines are needed. Overall, it's a good thing but it's never fun to have more rules applied. Let's see if we can do it in a way that doesn't hamper our discussions or creativity.

Gears Online hasn't had a good update since November and I am keenly aware of that fact. Let's see if we can make 2005 a more active year than 2004 was. The profile writers for Five Star Stories and Super Robot Wars are taking some time to submit more work but in the meantime I should be able to process more Tyrant Sword of Neofalia and Five Star Stories images.

Here's to 2005. Let's make it the best year yet for mecha fans.
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Post by ShinDVDz » Wed Feb 09, 2005 7:02 pm

Oh, that's'd be great to have more activity on these message boards
If anything, though, we should definitely consider my idea against "internet stupidity" :twisted:

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