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Post by Kuruni » Sat Mar 12, 2005 11:14 am

Not a big deal, but you might want to see it.

Put Ryusei in other mecha. You will see how amusing his naming sense is. No, it not really chage weapon name, just Ryusei's dialogue. Some move name were completely change.

Kirifuda & Aerial Claymore become "Ultimate Final Joker Card".
Revolving Banger ====>>Eisen Overbrake
Fang Slasher ====>> Huckebein Slash Bite (Trombe's would call "Mega Spin Crossedge")
G Sword Driver ====>>Gravity Surfing Ram
Full Impact Cannon ====>>Super Graviton Cannon Full Fire
Mega Blaster Cannon ====>> Gespenst Final Blaster
Gigante Unkia ====>> Giant Thunderbolt Claw

Most amusing would be whole dialogue from Victim Beak attack.
"Final limiter, brake!!"
"Wild Wurger, Go!!"
"Jetwing!! Cutter!!"
"Final brake!!"

Put Excellen in other mecha would make her say some joke as well, most just not in Katakana for me to undersatnding... She mostly put "chan" in mecha's name. (Alt-chan, Grun-chan, Gigan-chan, etc.) One of most weird seem to be Excellen shout "Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka! Kyosuke no Baka!" (What wrong with them? :? ) Other is when she use Cold Metal Sword "Nothing that I can't cut!...sort of...." Yep, she make fun of Zenger. :wink:
Other include when she use Gespenst Kick, it call "Ultra Ina-Suma Kick!!" Not only this make fun of Gunbuster, but the Kanji "Suma" is one that mean "wife". :wink:
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Post by TeknomanPrime » Fri Nov 09, 2007 4:13 am

my favorite skill in OG 2 is Predict, Attacker, Guard, Command Aura and SP recovery.Because they are useful in solo or in mutiple mission, example the event in SRX when the Einst came to Steal SRX.There are many Einst Grunts thats why if you buy this skills you have damage that comes from the attacker 1.25% when your morale reaches 130 , while you will always use SP because of the SP recovery, Guard increase defence on 130 morale and Predict increases accuracy and evasion rate if your morale reaches 130.


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