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Zeon Elite SS

new to FSS

Post by Zeon Elite SS » Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:41 am

im somewhat new to the whole story idea of it althought i do have a few of the 1990 issues of newtype with several story pages in japanese of the series i have no understanding to.

i also manage to get a copy of the FSS Designs book i think it was called being i dont have it at hand.

i noticed a military was listed within the images of the book along with several ranking designs.

if im correct they are refered to as the AKD

in the manga pages from one of the newtype issues they have this particular military issued german like unfiroms with the helmet designs of that of russian desin or atleast over sized ones.

my question is are there any refrence books out there on all uniform and weapons design types for this particular military faction within the world of the FSS series.

another question would be as to a list of on all the several book releases that were made for the series?

i looked a little into these books and found that there are so many diffrent types and yet i do not know what id even really be looking for.

kind of feeling im far behind to really get started in finding out what this series is about or what is relevent most of all before advancing myself to more detailed readouts on the series.

almost 20 years behind in this series if im correct.

overall i need to find out a bit about this world and the types of things involved threwout it so i can use that for my own research towards a story im working on based on this planets future.

hopefully this will put some intersting organization refrence for my own major project im working on.

thanks in advance.


Post by SYL » Sun Jul 09, 2006 2:44 pm


If you're really serious, just get the English translation of the Five Star Stories manga. Most of the English version have sourcebook information and all of them carry the timeline for the series.
Concerning the AKD military structure, just check out book# 18 of the English translated Five Star Stories. It has a thorough explanation of the AKD's military. You can find the English manga at
As far as I know, the "Five Star Stories Design" source books were planned to be the most update collections of information.
Unfortunately, the English translated manga books stopped at volume #10 of the original Japanese. Know one but Mamoru Nagano knows when/if volumes # 11 and 12 will be translated.

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