Great Dangaioh TV Series Questions

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Great Dangaioh TV Series Questions

Post by Tachyon » Tue Jan 03, 2006 7:01 pm

I managed to watch through all 13 episodes of Great Dangaioh this past weekend and I've got a lot of questions. I was just plain confused at the end. Does anyone know more about it?

Who completed Dangaioh Ur? Who (or what) was piloting it? Why did it want to imitate Kuya's brother? Why did it hate Kuya?

Who built and who controls Great Dangaioh? It showed up in the last episode and started kicking butt but I don't know where it came from. It's pilot (can't remember his name) was making mysterious appearances throughout the series but I never could figure out who he was or where he came from. Does he have psychic powers?

Who hired the ninjas that were showing up near the end of the series?

Is there any continuing story that talks about how Earth dealt with the Bunker Pirates? Where did the Exceptions come from?

If anyone can help me with these, thanks!
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Post by Newton » Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:17 am


There aren't any answers to those questions. I'm sorry, but there aren't. Why? Because THE PRODUCERS NEVER CARED TO ANSWER THEM. I, too, have suffered through the agony that is Great Dangaioh. I then went searching for answers, because my mind was sore from the plot holes, characters and mecha coming out of far Left Field, and mecha attacking with lightsabers mounted in their severed arm-stumps.

In my search, I discovered that the producers JUST DIDN'T CARE. This was an attempt to cash-in on the unfinished symphony that was DANGAIOH, not an actual attempt to finish or even continue the story. At this point, one of my goals this year is to find someone who knows Toshihiro Hirano, and ask him just what the hell happened.

There was no attempt to deal with the previous storyline. My personal peeve is that I sat through all those episodes only to find that the only relation with the old DANGAIOH (along with the whole plot) was in the FINAL EPISODE.

All this and the mecha are ugly, too. I try not to think about GD, lest I have an aneurysm. The only upside is that I bought the discs used. Thank God I didn't pay full price for that turkey.


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