folks with big kit collections, please help

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machine mess

folks with big kit collections, please help

Post by machine mess » Tue Nov 22, 2005 3:25 pm

I'm working on a scratchbuilt kit of the Schell Slave design from Schell Bullet (see my thread about this in the non-FSS "modelling" Gears board) and I'm trying to wrap my brain around sculpting the inner detail for the forearms. I realized that, as a general rule, Nagano-sama designs forearms that are open on the body side to reveal mechanical detail, but the two available images of this particular design give no hint of the particulars of this inner detail.

I have one FSS resin kit - the G-System Schpeltor - and it has a very nicely designed two piece forearm. A partial outer armor enclosure that houses the inner mechanical detail - separated for ease of painting.

the LED Mirage and Patraqushie injection kits I have are similarly designed. I didn't check my Black Knight ip kit yet.

there seems to be a trend here, so what I'm hoping for and asking for pretty-please with sugar on top is that people who have collections of unbuilt kits and handy scanners (it seems that scanners grab fine detail better and easier than cameras) might scan a few of your favourite inner forearm mechanical detail resin kit pieces and post those here/email them to me to help me with some research/reference materials for my sculpt.

I'd be most grateful for any time you can spare for me.

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Post by Falk » Wed Nov 23, 2005 12:32 am

I can scan the Phantom's forearm, though on this one it's more the arm frame with a small armor part added on each side (and I just realise I don't know where that kit is... Well it's my only one, but I've managed to lost it... :P Mmh must not be far, somewhere in the mess of this room...)

Tomorrow morning, if i find it^^

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