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Mecha Magazines

Post by Tachyon » Wed Aug 27, 2003 3:32 pm

I've been getting a lot of magazines from Japan lately to stave off the dreaded Idaho boredom. Hobby Japan, Dengeki Hobby and Character Model Magazine are great magazines but I've been noticing more and more how focused they are on the Gundam franchise. They run articles on mecha models built from other series but a larger page count is always given to Gundam models and the lineart sections are exclusively for Gundam designs. I'll admit there are a lot of mobile suit variants to cover given Gundam's popularity and, sure, they're pretty cool - but the Gundam designs all share similarities. It would be nice to see a mecha magazine that was broader in its content. I don't like to see people get stuck in a rut. The designs of series like Five Star Stories, Macross and Zeorymer are pretty darn different than Gundam.

Tokyo Robot News was an awesome magazine for all things mecha but after issue 6 it looks like it went belly up. I haven't seen any sign of later issues. Perhaps it was too much of a niche publication. One benefit the U.S. has over Japan is the larger population makes for a larger market; niche publications have a better chance.

Does anyone know of any other good mecha magazines?
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Post by Lurker » Thu Aug 28, 2003 3:03 am

There are very few, most die off early. I do know that GundamShop carries some diffrent books, you may want to try there if you haven't already. And I am pretty postisitve you would have checked lol

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