many many 1/100 FSS recasts for sale

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many many 1/100 FSS recasts for sale

Post by KOG » Mon Jun 06, 2005 10:06 pm

Hey all, I'm in need of some quick cash.

I have quite a number of 1/100 FSS MH recasts I want to sell. Here's a list:

1/100 WSC Schpeltor
1/100 WSC Terror Mirage
1/100 WSC Junchoon
1/100 WSC Engage Sr3
1/100 WSC Bang Doll (G sys version)
1/100 Volks MM Siren Alkana

These aren't available quite yet, but I should be able to sell them soon:
1/100 Volks SAV V Siren 104P Prominence
1/100 Volks SAV White Phantom
1/100 Volks SAV Heavy Vatshu
1/100 Volks MM Engage Sr1

SERIOUS buyers may inquire via PM or e-mail ( about kit details and pricing. In most cases, I'd be willing to sell the kit for $5-$10 below regular Hobbyfan recast price. Other offers may be considered.

If interested in any of these, please contact me ASAP.

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