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Post by Falk » Fri Nov 26, 2004 2:32 pm

Thanks ^^

Mmh my other work :roll: The problem is that I don't finish many things. Maybe I should try simpler things, more cartoony things so the modelling wouldn't take much time and I'd have time to focus on animation, cuz' for now I've mostly done cars (well 2 in fact, a custom Diablo and a Skyline). The Diablo took A WHILE as my modelling skills were not broken in and as I was still studying, so I got bored of it and despite long attempt at doing near realistic renders (maybe not enough time passed at created a descent environment for the carpaint reflexions), it never really turned out how I wanted it.

Here's the last render I did, the carpaint shader is done by a friend. I hit render with the regular rendering software, not much adjustment, and it's one of the best render I've had :roll: . The big problem with cars is that it can't look ok as long as not anything looks good. The carpaint may look good, some black windows or frontlights will ruin the render and make it look artificial.

Here's the Skyline. It's basically the Pennzoil model for the JGTC, all the sponsors and all are waiting in the mapping folder but I never took the time to apply them all as I wa not 100% happy with the car shader, so for now it looks like a heavily modified street Skyline :twisted: (IMO it looks even more aggressive than the regular Skyline^^) As I said I was not totally happy with the carpaint. It's hard to get pure white highlight as well as nice and soft shades in the car color. Here the white HL is (to much) visible, but the blue doesn't shine as I wanted, I'd like it to go from dark blue to a more shiny-sky blue, but for now there's not much sky-blue :|.

I also did a male head, and a female one, but it's already one year old, but the male head has not the trait I want it to have now, and I had a few problem with the female head, I wanted to create a lot of face features but it's hard to combine with a nice and smooth face (harder than on a male bad-ass face^^), so maybe I'll continue it one day. And many things I started but in which I lost interest.

I did a short film when I was still studying, but it's 3 years old now so it's to ugly :P (well we hadn't much time as we had classes at the same time, we really had to tush to do it).

Well back on topic^^, some phantom renders :
-A "pseudo-artistic" :P render
- modlling almost done
Well it lacks some details and most of the movable parts that I'll model only when the whole thing will be "rigged" to be animated (this render quality isn't great, looks to much like plastic).
-The goat-phantom :P
-My favourite render so far, with a resin look and a nice lightning. Erf, I forgot to add the depth of field on this one, it looks better with, more realistic.

So, I still have a lot of things to do, the hands, sword, eyes, that's important :p, wrist armor, stabilizers, but I'm wondering how to make them look realistic. They look great when moving in the wind as on the Silicon-tribe kit, but realistically-wise, I don't really get how such a part can bend than way. Stabilizers are made to stabilize, not to wave in the sunset :wink: . All the movable parts, the by-pass wire of the chest and neck.
And I think I'll have to add a joint for the toe-tips, it really can't walk smoothly without this joint.

Oh and what does "cor blimey" means ? :p
I've searched the net quickly but found a movie Ôo

Akuma Sephitaro

Post by Akuma Sephitaro » Thu Dec 02, 2004 5:32 pm

From my untrained eyes, this thing looks like it's a resin kit in progress :p

Looks awesome!


Post by SteamTrooper » Fri Dec 03, 2004 2:02 pm

Hi Falk

You know how good it is so pointless me gushing again... :D

Just letting you know that my Gundam Buildoff of a tallgeese III is finished as of Wednesday - I am now free to start work on something new on 3D Max in my spare time - Any suggestions? - I am willing to keep in mind any potential uses you may have for Backgrounds/Set for your work. Just give me a nudge and proposal and If I can justify it in my design I will.

I usually build Diorama for all my pieces eventually and expect I shall be working on something Mech like and large so its going to be a Hanger or maybe a smallish outdoor scene.

All the best


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Post by Falk » Sun Dec 19, 2004 3:50 pm

Mmh, some suggestions ? Well the first that comes to my mind is the Deep Striker :twisted: (as it's standing on my desk^^)
But though it looks pretty cool, and maybe not that hard to do (well not much hybrid parts (rounded/flat)), it's really limited. Maybe it would require some resizing for some parts or else nothing may move (the radom for instance looks great on his arm, but the big part on the back makes it impossible to move :/)
The advantage is that you just have to put it in front of a starry sky and the scene is finished^^ (well not the best to work on a diorama :p)

Else mmh... Well i'm just talking about my tastes, the other MH I'd like to do is the Siren E. The multi-layer armor is really great, and seeing that beast fully animated would be awesome. The problem is that it looks like there's A LOT of challenging hybrid parts as I just named them upon.

The Black Knight is also on my "making-it-in-CG" list, one day maybe, maybe not :wink: Moreover this one is also full of rounded parts with squared-holes in it... So maybe it would suit an industrial modelling technic better than polygon by polygon technic... Just a matter of time, as always^^.

Gundam-wise, exept the Deep Striker, mmh... I don't really know. My tastes are mostly limited to the S serie so I can't really think about more of them. Well, those are just my my favourites, model what you prefere, it'll go faster ^^
About a base, mmh, I'm thinking moslty about the big base we can see the Phantom kneeling along Empress and B4. Not much to model, just a good texture work, a few details (stairs, guys) to give an idea of the size of the mecha, maybe some columns like where we can see the Junchoon, Black Knight and Berlin standing in FSS JP book 2 or 3. And this should be ok, then I guess lightning will turn all that into something great, or not :P

Now some more renders !
I've been hanging around the forum a lot hose days, as I was doing render tests, and render tests are really long :?
Anyway I'm pretty happy with the result. It's not far from photorealism, just quite realist for now. I've come to a point where it's hard to see what could be improved, without decreasing the quality of something else, so if you have any idea what could "make it real". Also I have te head stuck in those renders for several days now and can't really tell by myself what could be changed :wink:

The modelling is still not finished, it still lacks the joints parts, the hands, by-pass wire and a few other things. I mostly worked on the color material, so metallic parts are not definitive and there's no gold material for now.

My best render so far :
I quickly added a base, the depth of field is added in phooshop (there's maybe a bit to much of it). In the background is a scratch-build dog (more scratch than build hey :p) I photoshoped the legs's missing parts. The sword material is ugly for now^^. I'm really happy with this render, there's just that "little something" still missing to make it photorealistic. Maybe this CG render is to much perfect to look real ?

The same in a more cold atmosphere (well the shelve is white) :
Maybe a glass shelve would be great to, as it would reflect the whole MH (that's why I added the white base, it creates a nice reflection), but transparent material are really time consuming.
Such a render already takes about 10-12 minutes :| No way I could create an animation with such render times.

A view from the back, I tried to make it look like volks official pictures of the kit, but it's hard to get a pure white background without over-lightning the MH. I guess volks photoshoped their pictures too :wink: . Once again the sword material is basic and reflects the environnement way more than it shoul (here it reflects a blue plane placed somewhere around to create some color variations) :

Another "volks render", front view :

Another, close up, DOF added in photoshop :
http://home.tele2.fr/fwdd/Images/a_Whit ... 002DOF.jpg
Though from so close we can see the dark grey material still needs some work, I really like the shoulder, with slight reflections, and some kind of "unperfectness" where the vertical part rises, as if the builder didn't sanded the model well :p.

And last one, a red version of the first render. Red and Black versions are harder as their more reflective. Not so bad, but maybe not as I really want it. I changed my rough wall to a softer one :

Hey, that's weird, sometimes I look at it and as it's quite realist I could almost imagine my hand grabbing it. :D *happy inside*

Also I've been wondering about a universal symbol to give an idea of the size. Problem is that it has to be simple (so I won't spend an afternoon just for it), the other problem is that most universal symbol are brands (I mean big international brands, coca bottle, hollywon chewing-gum...), or stupid things, like a cigs pack (I don't like smoking and find that dumb, so this won't appear on my renders, sorry if someone here smokes, no offense :wink: ). Also I would avoid the soda bottle, that's not the most artistic thing to put alongside an MH :p.
Mmh, maybe a lego guy... Not hard to do, and lego rules !

Well all those renders show the Phantom as a garage kit. Adam was talking about diorama so yup', later i'll try to make it look as a 25 meters high MH :twisted:
I'll also have to animate it to give him various poses, when I'll have build a bit more experience in this^^.

Of course any idea of what could improve it is welcome !


Post by TSP » Thu Dec 23, 2004 1:52 pm

Wow! °_° Wish my models could look as AWESOME as your CGI's.


Post by Knolly » Mon Feb 21, 2005 3:31 am

That is just beautiful. Tremendously awesome work.
I'm kind of at loss for words. It's just... so good...

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Post by Falk » Thu May 12, 2005 5:05 pm

Thanks !

Here's a bunch of new renders !

I finally got a render up to my ambitions :twisted:

First an "artistic" one

Big luminosity, lot of white like some macintosh ads :P
On this one the white material is ok, but the grey one of the belly still needs some work (a bit of reflexion, some nicer shades of metallic grey), but I like it anyway :D

And the last one

I'm close to a photo quality on this one so that's great. The grey materials still need some work on this one too (I'm struggling in making rough but reflective material that look good, bump + reflection don't go well together until now), and the sword of course.
And of course the mechanical parts and hands still missing.
This scene is quite good, I can change the luminosity of the main light or the global illumination, make it a bit blue-ish or pure white and still get good results.

Then I'll try with the red and black versions...

For those who like number, the scene counts 560000 faces, and it takes between 5 and 6 minutes to render in 400*600 with a descent rendering quality (boring render times... meeeh)

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Post by Tachyon » Fri May 13, 2005 2:43 pm

Excellent work! Bravo!

I can tell you put a lot of time into this. Perhaps we can feature some images in the FSS pages here?
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Post by KOG » Fri May 13, 2005 3:56 pm

Are you still going to add the gold tips to the shoulders?

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Post by Falk » Wed Jun 01, 2005 12:17 pm

Oops, forgot to reply^^

Yup', the mesh is build so that it shouldn't be a problem to add the golden tips (I have some useless iterations waiting for a cut^^).
Well that'll be when I have a descent gold material^^.

And yup' Tachyon, of course, I won't refuse, when it'll be over though :roll: :wink:



Post by iniaes » Sun Sep 18, 2005 9:58 am

I have a lot of respect for the guys who just draw mecha, I mean I am having a hard time getting back into it, and it is a very hard thing to get right compared to a regular figure, but to do such a fantastic recreation in 3d is phenominal, keep us all posted on any future projects.

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