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FSS is totally emo

Post by FSS is totally emo » Tue Jan 18, 2005 11:31 pm

i really would not like to see a RPG or MMORPG of FSS, as i really dislike RPGs (they take FOREVER to finish and too much stuff to worry about). only a game like Virtual On could handle the speed of MH combat, also, how could i forget Armoured Core!? the Armoured Core interface is better than the mechassault one, but i like the fact that you can get out of your mech and commandeer other vehicles-

for example, if you escape from a destroyed MH, you can use your Headliner speed and skill to commandeer an Air Barrel or something.

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Post by Sheizzel » Wed Jan 19, 2005 12:14 am

How about a game similar to Dynasty Warriors? I'm not sure how many of you knows or plays this game but it is a lot of fun! So many well known Chinese history charactors from various kingdoms against each other and their armies. A FSS game featuring MHs and occasionally Headdliners in the same concept would be fun, at least for me :D .

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Post by KOG » Wed Jan 19, 2005 12:26 am

Hm, there are some elements of that game which could work. But in that game, you usually play as one very powerful character, and your allies don't do much, and it's very easy to defeat most enemies.

An MH combat game with a large battlefield featuring many MH on the field at once would be nice... but they would have to improve the AI, making your allies more effective, and also making each individual opponent more difficult to beat. I don't want to be able to destroy each enemy MH with just a few quick strokes of a sword. :)

You'd also need a more complex and involved battle system for encounters between top MH...

Sheizzel wrote:How about a game similar to Dynasty Warriors? I'm not sure how many of you knows or plays this game but it is a lot of fun! So many well known Chinese history charactors from various kingdoms against each other and their armies. A FSS game featuring MHs and occasionally Headdliners in the same concept would be fun, at least for me :D .

Mechanical Specimen

Post by Mechanical Specimen » Wed Jan 19, 2005 12:26 pm

Alright,here's my two cents on this topic.

Though not a Japanese game(RPG,Fighting,and Mecha Based Combat),I say that FSS could borrow a tad from Grand Theft Auto....as you a Headdliner can go explore a city,buy clothes,go to a bar and chat with other knights,have a night out with some Headliner groupies( ^_^)Hell,you can even get into spadd weilding brawls with street rats.So essentialy you can complete missions and tasks or you can go for a freeforall.

A one point of the game though,you must aqquire and train a fatima,one whom through combat,emotional,psychological expirence and development make her stronger and her MH control abilities rise.You can be a noble caring knight who loyaly sticks with his Fatima partner throughout the game,or have the option of tossing her/him aside if the fatima causes you to lose battles,or seems defective(In the player's eyes that is.)

The Game itself would have 2 settings....Survival Mode(An offbeat campagin through the Joker system as your own character),or Story Mode(Which allows you to play as a knight in whichever Kingdom and whichever Chapter within the game.)

In Survival Mode,you can customize your knight,be either male,or female,what type of clothes they wear,what kind of eyes,hair they have aswell.For attacks you have basic moves such as "Dash","Parry","Block","Slash".As you progress during the game you,you aqquire levels which can allow you to achieve certain attacks and abilities.

Your MH would be the same thing,with each combat scenario(Space,Air,Ground) You start off with basic weapons (Sword,Spaad,Veil) while having basic lasers,missles,and s-mines(In a sense as the game starts out,you're more like a Heavy Metal from L-Gaim than an Mortar Head.)As you,your fatima,and MH level up,you begin to uptain the ability to recieve and customize weapons,armor,speed,power,even special abilities like "Teleportation","Echo Blade".

But you not only recieve energy and expirence levels,you also receive money and image points.Essecntialy your reputation as a knight will count depending on what you decide to do.You can be a noble,honorable warrior
or an out of control rouge.Money is given after completing certain jobs that you're hired to do,like hunt down and kill a criminal,destroy a millitary facility,protect a country from an enemy attack,etc,etc.This money you can use to buy weapons,clothes,even as the game progresses Mortar Heads and small space craft!

MH Combat would be very much a cross between AC,ZOE,and VO.As I said earlier,enviroments can be other planets,the air,or in deep space(MH can be modified for space combat with booster packs.)As the game progresses,your enemies become a little stronger and just as fast as you,so leveling up becomes a nessecity.You can knock off smaller or numerous enemies with long range weaponry,or dash in and finnish them off in close range combat.Headliner combat is also the same,as you can finnish off weaker enemies(weak headliners,soliders,robots,etc)yet every so often,a stronger opponent will face you,sometimes a commander of a battle group or a knight that challenges you.

Buster Launchers are only used if the mission says they can be used,or during deranged combat campaigns.Their firepower,when aqquired,can be focused to either scrapping off bothersome enemies,aiding in heavy fire,or totaly decimimating your opponents.In Space and Air missions though,Buster Launchers may be your best friend since battleships and space craft are usualy fast moving weapons platforms.

Any other ideas or feedback is always welcomed and much appreciated!


Post by Tomexe » Wed Jan 19, 2005 4:52 pm

Hmm, SIMS:Fatimas, I never would of thought of that. But that COULD be interesting.

FSS is so big, and there are so many interesting characters seperated in time and space that what I thought would be neat was comparing these seperated individuals and finding out who was best. You would get to experiment and test it out. Thats why I kind of focused on fighting games.

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happy hopping
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Post by happy hopping » Fri Jan 21, 2005 12:08 am

MH fighting game for PC like Virtua On will be perfect. But FSS is not popular, so noone will rel. a game like that.
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Post by WayS'Lo' » Fri Jan 21, 2005 12:40 am

Anyone ever plade an obscure DC game called Frame Gride? It was like virtual on ( well, AC really, since it was made by From as well) that used *giant robotic knights* to fight instead of normal robots. Greater emphasis was put on hand to hand combat than the other two games. UNfortunately it wasnt as good as AC which is itself not as good as VO:OT ( imo, everything is better than Marz and Force :( ) But could be a useful template shd an fss mh combat game ever be concieved.


Post by TSP » Sat Jan 22, 2005 2:29 pm

Maybe FromSoft should have made an AC instead of Frame Gride. The game play is the same eccept for the magic card attacks. Still play this once in a while.

A Steel Battalion two player mode for Headliner and Fatima. Thatshould beintersting for battles.

FSS is totally emo

Post by FSS is totally emo » Sun Jan 23, 2005 2:01 am

okay, so its an FSS MH fighting game, right, and it costs 1.2 million dollars.
included in the box are a fatima, spadd, a mental controller that plugs into your PS2, and your choice of either an FEMC, Kneue Syltiss, or Trio Temple uniform. the fatima doubles as a memory card!


Post by TSP » Mon Jan 24, 2005 4:02 am

LOL! Maybe something like that...NO WAY!...Modelkits and artbooks are allready expencive enough. A "Shenmue light edition" would do to. With battles a la Virtua On or Sangoku Musou on the ground and ZOE / Psychic Force in air and space battles. Strategy mass destructions maybe like "Gundam Battle Online"or Aubird Force.
Shenmue and FSS do have some things in common.
In Shenmue nearly everybody knows Kung-fu or Karate (eccept for the hot dog guy who knows Capuerra).Everyone likes to beat the hell out of you or teach new Virtua Fighter moves. Just like FSS where everybody could be a Headliner in disguise trying to get a closer look at your corpse.
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And, yes! Weapons can be bought at vending mashines just like in Blue Stinger.


Post by Eternal » Mon Jan 24, 2005 6:16 am

While I agree that the emphasis must be put on the virtual-on style MH fighting part (and not just 1-on-1 fighting preferably), It would still be nice to have some RPG in the game. Also, the non-MH headliner battles could be nice... And all those knight and diver skills are just perfect for an RPG. Besides, the world of FSS is interesting enough to explore and stuff.


Post by Tomexe » Tue Jan 25, 2005 4:33 pm

the fatima doubles as a memory card!

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