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Gundam - Tallgeese III

Post by SteamTrooper » Thu Dec 16, 2004 2:03 pm

I have just finished my first real build of a model in about 15-20 years - I chose one of my favourite designs (within the budget) and tried to use it to re-learn my hand painting skills as well as trying out airbrush work and light weathering - I am fairly happy with results for now - and may well return to the piece in the future when I have learned some more advanced techniques.

There are more pictures in my gallery if anyone is interested enuf to look. ... imHigh.JPG

Next build over the christmas period is going to be another Gundam Wing - fully finished and weathered plus some modding work to make it into `BATMAN` Gundam - with extra wing binders to create a cape effect - not sure if I should lose the Buster Rifle or convert it into a Grappling rifle or some such.

After and during that I shall be working on my MSA 0011 - she is a beauty and will be my Christmas and New Years project - I realy want to go to town on this baby and will hopefully also be doing a diorama for it.


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Post by Falk » Thu Dec 16, 2004 3:01 pm

It looks nice, but isn't there bigger pictures ?

Poor wing gundams, in fact the official artwork where we can see them simply standing doesn't give them presence at all. It looks way better with a bit of dynamism.

Is it it's official gun ? I quickly searched the net for reference, and I haven't seen it. Isn't it a gun that open's out ?


Post by SteamTrooper » Thu Dec 16, 2004 4:08 pm

Cheers Falk

Yeah I have been waiting around for my friendas professional Digicam but he hasnt shown for two weeks - in the end I had to use a medium size maximum resolution setting on my Phone - DOH!! not perfect but I will be updatnig the pictures as soon as the good camera shows.

Yeah its the Tallgeese III`s official gun- and boy is it a whopper - seen bigger but not bad for a standard side arm I would say - and yes it splits open and sizzles with energy up and down the prongs.

Poor Poor Wings - yeah - they dont exactly sell it with its stance and its such a biatch (sic on purpose) to pose as its legs/knees are built to adapt to bird mode which means they are loose as a drunk high school girls knickers - its a shame but on the next BATMAN one I build I shall endeavor to put some sort of armiture into the legs to allow better posing.

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