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Post by Tomexe » Fri Dec 10, 2004 4:11 am

FSS is totally emo wrote:
Tomexe wrote:
hitori wrote:What about Apatchi (Braford) and Devoncha (Lester) ?

Both MH were mass production models yet they directly communicated with Kyo and Palsuet...
Harper, Concord, massed produced or "no name" fatimas that none the less became exceptional simply by going through a lot of combat and having the good luck to survive it).

i might be wrong, but i though harper was actually intercity?
Yes, but she didn't know that, and even when she regained her memory as she lay dying she credited her win over Spalituda to her 700 years of experience, not to any superior nature, and as Harper no one had noticed any exceptional performance everyone beleved her alias as a mass produced fatima...

Ok, maybe that was a bad example..

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Post by hitori » Fri Dec 10, 2004 4:38 am

You must remember that Intercity, SSL, Niv, and FocusLight were the very first models.
Their specs are said to be in the "lower range" compared to the works of Chrome Ballanche or Morard Carbyte.
What's more, Harper's opponent Spalituda was a specialist in counter emulation.

There is valid point in the experience triumphing over specs theory. :D

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