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Questions on the series

Post by peonybloomer » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:08 am

Hello all, I have a on the five star stories. But first, some background.

Well, first off it's the most unique manga I ever read, that's for sure... There is nothing like this manga out there. I wonder how popular it is in Japan? I don't think it's very well known outside of Japan. The only reason why I found out about was well, couple of years ago I saw artwork by Nobuteru Yuuki(searching for lodoss war stuff) and thought the characters looked so weird with huge heads and big eyes LOL. I was shocked Nobuteru drew those 'creatures', I couldn't believe it. "It must've been some of his earlier work probably." I said to myself.

Last year I found out about FSS again when searching for the movie. I thought, wow great an 80s anime! I really like 80s things even though I wasn't born that time. So I wanted to watch it but I was bored half way through. Then I found out it was based on a manga. This year I read it. It took me three tries to get into it, but once I did I couldn't stop reading it. Even the sketchy pencil like art pushed me off at first but I now really love Nagano's artwork, just so awesome. He is a big inspiration to me (I am growing artist). The only problem with FSS, that it's very confusing especially with so many characters.
I'm so glad there is a website like this (which I've seen a long time ago but didn't pay much attention to) showcasing many good descriptions. Yet I'm still confused.

My main question here is why the heck does Colus want to attack Ameterasu? I thought that he was the good guy of the whole story. Yes I haven't read past that point. Last time I stopped reading was well, around that time lol.
I think that's my only question for now. Honestly I wish there were more english/foreign fans who liked this series. It's too bad one can't even buy the manga when the first volume has prices way too high... It is like a priveleged series (thank goodness for internet) for 'collectors only'.

It would be very nice if there was a wikia of FSS. I was thinking about it. Maybe it would help spread FSS. Most anime or manga fans wouldn't like the art though. Too bad, the designs are just wonderful (I prefer the old designs. The new 'plastic' looking costumes are hideous lol o_O)

By the way, Queen is the coolest fatima.

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Re: Questions on the series

Post by Tachyon » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:31 am

why the heck does Colus want to attack Ameterasu?
Which version of the managa are you reading? The English published one? Something online? The Japanese Reboot volumes? The reason I ask is because it would help me if you could tell me where in the manga you see Colus attacking Amaterasu. Also, which Colus? I'm guessing it isn't Colus the 23rd.

When I get some more information from you (and I'm at home) I can check my information and probably answer your question.
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Re: Questions on the series

Post by Nu Soard Graphite » Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:33 am

Hello Peonybloomer and welcome.

As for why Amaterasu wants to attack Colus...that's because that is not Amaterasu, but a clone created to replace Amaterasu after he tires of leadership. The cloned Amaterasu (also known as Upandora Raymu) becomes a tyrant who rules with an iron fist and forces the other nations of the galaxy to rise against him in revolution. This is far in the future of the Joker galaxy though. In the current timeline, Upandora Raymu has yet to be removed from cold storage.

A little confusing, yes I know. FSS is like that. Keep reading, it gets better :)

And yes, Queen is cool, but keep reading. You'll probably change your mind on who the coolest fatima is several times. There are many cool and interesting fatima characters in this tale. The most popular are probably Est, Lachesis, Atropos and Queen. To me, Est is the most interesting, but I have a soft spot for Eatta because she is the fatima of my favorite character, F.U. Rognar.

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Re: Questions on the series

Post by levrin » Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:45 am

Queen may or may not be the coolest fatima, but Hugtlang is clearly the most entertaining. Self-improves by combat experience but her specs are so high the fights are too easy? Clearly the solution is to partner with the most inept headdliner she can find and make a beeline for the strongest enemy available.

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