Communicating between the brain and a machine with light...

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Communicating between the brain and a machine with light...

Post by Tomexe » Thu Nov 04, 2004 3:12 pm

According to this article, fatimas head crystal interfaces are far from impossible... ... 04-10-28-3
Lasers Bring Brain Interfaces "Out of the Dark Ages"
Light beams said to stimulate and record nerves with greater precision and accuracy
By Liz Brown
Betterhumans Staff
10/28/2004 4:31 PM

Credit: Brian Stanback
Light reading: Lasers can precisely stimulate and record nerve activity, suggesting that fiber optic cables could one day link minds with machines

Lasers may allow brain-machine interfaces that far exceed the capabilities of existing devices, permitting people to control artificial limbs through brain-linked fiber optic cables.

So suggest researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee who have used a low-intensity infrared laser light to successfully bring nerves to life in rats without touching actual nerve cells.

"This technique brings nerve stimulation out of the Dark Ages," says Anita Mahadevan-Jansen, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt.

Beyond electricity

Currently, neural interfaces mainly stimulate nerves through electrodes wired to the brain. However, the researchers say, the electric method is not ideal as large areas around target neurons are also affected because of the way electricity travels through the tissue.

"Much work is going on around the world trying to make electric nerve stimulation better, but the technique is inherently limited," says Mahadevan-Jansen. "Using lasers instead, we can simultaneously excite and record the responses of nerve fibers with much greater precision, accuracy and effectiveness."

In the experiment, Mahadevan-Jansen and colleagues traced the movement of a nerve's natural electrical impulses through the brain using a special light. From there, they graduated to using a laser to stimulate the nerve and artificially create this activity.

They used the laser to stimulate the sciatic nerve of rats, controlling muscles in the animals' hind legs and individual toes. The method appeared much more accurate than electric stimulation.

Unlike electricity, the laser light could pick off single cells and didn't affect surrounding neurons.

Months from use?

Now that the laser process has proven to be effective, the researchers plan to study the mechanisms behind the stimulation.

The researchers also think it's only a matter of months before a machine could be created that helps neurosurgeons target nerves during rhizotomy, a procedure that frees frozen muscles.

At present, doctors must find affected neural regions by trial and error, striking nerves with an electric probe while patients are awake. Using laser light, the therapy could be less intrusive and more accurate.

Down the road, the researchers believe, a possible application could include an array of fiber optic threads that run from the brain to a prosthetic limb in an optical neural interface.
Five Star Stories is getting kind spooky now that the real world is catching up to it...

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Post by hitori » Thu Nov 04, 2004 3:37 pm

Light signals and stimuli, huh...
That is very interesting as the Fatima Head Crystals also glow when they are active.
You can see that when a Fatima recognizes a Master, or while interfacing with MH's.

While I was reading the article, scenes from Harper vs. Spalituda was running through my mind. :D

Thanks for the interesting read Tomexe!


Post by Tomexe » Thu Nov 04, 2004 4:01 pm

I had understood from English books 1 2 and 3 that under that hat they wear inside the MH were lasers focused on their crystal, and that is how they received data, and apparently sent it too.

A improvement over the wired in chivalries of the AD era we see in the English vol 23 (which just came yesterday :D )

Though that is one REALLY tiny laser they got there to fit inside the crystal to transmit OUT.

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