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Himitsu The Hunter

Greeting you...

Post by Himitsu The Hunter » Sat Nov 01, 2003 7:39 pm

Hi all i'm new here but you know i'd like to say the site is pretty sweet. Any who since the 'Other' board didn't seem to have anything i thought i'd ask, What is your stance on Magi-tech (I.e. Magic Knights Rayearth or even Manga Escaflowne) and Bio-Mecha (Eva or even the Movie Escaflowne)??? Do you consider them valid parts in the mech experience?? How do you consider their effect on the genre???

And also has anyone seen the mecha in Gasaraki? what do you think of them???

Well thats all from me... ^_^
-Himitsu the Hunter

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Post by Tachyon » Sun Nov 02, 2003 12:35 am

I enjoyed Rayearth, Gasaraki, Escaflowne and Evangelion. I consider them to be mecha.

I wouldn't say Rayearth had much effect on the mecha genre. It was more of Magical Girls or Magical World sub-genre and most mecha fans didn't pay much attention to it. I've read the first 3 manga books [in English] and enjoyed them. When I get time I'll read through the 2nd Rayearth trilogy.

Gasaraki was really cool. I didn't see the last 1 or 2 episodes but what I saw was great. Izubuchi's designs were awesome.

Evangelion had a big impact on anime, especially mecha shows. Rahxephon could be called a "me too" show.

New looks at mecha are great for the genre. I like to see new slants on it. Evangelion's and Nadesico's broadcast power, for instance, was a neat idea.
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Himitsu The Hunter

Eva's on umbilicals...

Post by Himitsu The Hunter » Sun Nov 02, 2003 2:48 am

Actually the brodcast power thing was from another show (Can't remember at the exact show now) and was being used as yet ANOTHER spoof in Nadesico. The Eva units on the other had Used anything but brodcast energy (They had 4 power sourses in the show, A giant plug system that they'ld pull out of the surrounding buildings, an external power supply, An Internal supply of about 5 min of near infinite energy as the backup, and finally near the end Unit one grows its own fully formed S2 engine which works by breaking mass into energy at near 100% efficentcy to power it... and the Angels.)

^_^ lol i hang out with a rather rabid Eva fan... who would probably strangle me if i got this wrong lol.

And also while it IS true that Magic Knight Rayearth was more magical girl in focus it would be a shame not to recognise the Mashin for what they were Magi-Tech mecha... Especially since in the second half of it actual Mechanical mecha played a fair sized role in the battles against them (one of the 'villians' being a skilled mech pilot)

-Himitsu The Hunter

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Post by Newton » Wed Aug 03, 2005 1:44 am


Bio-tech and magi-tech RULE!!! One of the things that made me very happy about this site is that there's no nit-picking about mecha genres. Of course, one really can't object too much to biotech mecha; even the Nu Gundam (Char's Counterattack) is a quasi-biotech machine.

WHICH REMINDS ME: Does anyone have good pictures from Hagane No Oni (Steel Ogre)? Even more than Dunbine, it's the definitive bio-mech show - really just an excuse for a half-hour of two really cool biomechs beating the crap out of each other. :P

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Post by Kuruni » Wed Aug 03, 2005 5:27 pm

My most favourite mecha is Cybaster, a magical mecha. So it's obvious that I like it, similar to bionic mecha.
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Post by kosh » Thu Aug 04, 2005 2:41 am

Welcome aboard Himitsu , always nice to see another victim....... er , I mean member . :D It's funny , of the shows you mention , I've seen only Eva and I consider it to be mecha , just a different sort . Biotech always interests me , being a fan of the Vorlons from B:5 it's only natural , as far as impact on the genre , I'd say Eva made quite an impression , some points good other points highly contraversial , the religious aspect didn't sit well with a number of people , but that's the fun part.... to each their own . In any case enjoy your stay and again welcome to the family .
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Post by Newton » Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:14 am

kosh wrote:Biotech always interests me , being a fan of the Vorlons from B:5 it's only natural...
Dude. Ouch. ^_^


Post by Darc_Serpent » Sat Aug 27, 2005 5:52 am

yo guys, im new!!!! i love this site :D

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Post by Nu Soard Graphite » Sat Aug 27, 2005 9:39 am

Welcome Darc_Serpent.

We hope you will become a regular visitor!

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Post by Falk » Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:40 pm

About bio-mecha, well actually, and maybe for a while, my thoughts are that if mecha should exist, they would not be bio-mecha, but, mmh, how can I say that : me-bio-cha (well I'll have to use a better word), I explain :
As I have it in mind, the technologic parts would have some more and more biological patterns, and the contrary too, bio parts with mechanical pattern, and in the end, the technology would be so advanced in either bio or mech parts, that the difference would be hard to do, there would be new material, new "textures", the parts would be created "automatically", with fractal structure or whatever.
I'm thinking about nano-machine that could have different states (like holding each-other (solid), moving freely (soft)), and various chemical-physical process that would enable to change the state of the materia in a tenth of second (you know like those glass that can turn from transparent to opac when you put electricity in it, there's such a glass in the maybach's glass-roof, well quite the same effect, but solid to soft, fix to movable, etc etc).

I'll have to draw a design with all those idea in mind, for now I'm only brainstorming^^

And welcome to the new ones !

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