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May 08 Hello

Post by Tachyon » Thu May 29, 2008 3:12 pm

Hello, all. Just got back from a vacation with my own little family. Austin, TX is a great place to visit. The next few months will determine whether or not it's a great place to live. It would certainly place me closer to anime events worth noticing.

I'd like to comment on the Japanese government's apology over Jojo's Bizarre Adventure but we'll see how much time I have this week. What are your comments? Politics aren't forbidden on this message board, just keep it intelligent and tasteful (something that is no problem for you guys).

The Cruise Chaser Blassty clean up proceeds. Sorry I haven't placed a preview. There's a big, color 2-page spread that is intimidating me (it glared at me!) but I'll try to wrestle with it this weekend. The line art is actually almost entirely cleaned up (it's fun to work on).

A very cool project submitted by mecha fan Newton Ewell will go up but I need some time to get to it. My office has placed 2 big projects on my desk and they call for overtime.

I'm still collecting scanner copies of art books and I'm starting to feel a real itch to get some good material scanned for the fan community. Need to buy that new scanner! But even without scanners I have some material to share with everyone.

Keep the discussions going and please keep us all updated on new artbooks and anime/manga coming out. I'd like someone to start a thread on "Essential Art Books for the Gundam Fan" or something like that.
If you don't like the news then go make some of your own.

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