Specialist Garage Kit auction site, good idea ?

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would you use a brand new modeling auction site ?

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Specialist Garage Kit auction site, good idea ?

Post by EvilKurisu » Thu Jul 05, 2007 2:37 pm

Hi All

I'm just toying with the idea of opening a dedicated Garage Kit auction site, well actually I have the software up and running and am testing it thoroughly at the moment.
What I want to know is do you think its a feasible idea; I mean do you think there are enough of us modellers who would use it ?.

Why open a dedictaed auction site ?

Well to be honest im just SICK of Ebays fees/policies and the fact there isnt een phone support unless you're a platinum seller; I also feel Ebay isn't really specific enough on the categories to cater for GK Modellers.
I also feel like there is a need for a more community based auction site.

Any thought would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for your time reading this.

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