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Anime Soundtrack Bliss

Post by Tachyon » Wed Jun 13, 2007 3:27 pm

Let's say you're the producer for a new mecha anime show or OAV series. Who do you pick to do the soundtrack? Which artist or band? For the sake of discussion, let's say you can pick any artist or group in the world.

Let us know who you would pick and why.
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Nightmare of Solomon

Post by Nightmare of Solomon » Thu Jun 14, 2007 3:40 pm

John Williams-

Whether they know it or not, pretty much everybody on the planet knows a tune or two by this amazingly talented composer.

Williams music is iconic- you can't mistake his themes for anything else, they paint preceise musical portraits of the action and story at hand, and many are instantly recognizable.

JAWS, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman, Raider's of the Lost Ark, Star Wars- the list goes on. Go anywhere in the world, and hum the first few bars of any of these tunes, and it's good bet someone will recognize it. (Do this at a Sci-Fi convention, and the whole room might join in.)

In many ways- he has quite literally scored the background music for the world- from the theme from 'world news tonight' to the 'olympic fanfare'- his pieces are constantly playing in the background of our day to day life.

Quite a few of his themes are so universal, they grow beyond the scope of the mere score for which they are written. Quite frankly, I cannot think of a single piece of music that is more indicative of heroism than the main title from 'Superman." From the adventures of the man of steel to a nerd scoring a date with a hot babe, the piece is a perfect metaphor for triumph.

I could rant his accolades all day. I have no doubt, that a hundred years from now, John Williams will be spoken of in the same breath as the likes of Motzart, Beethoven, and Bach. Like their's, his music is timeless and universal.

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Post by Falk » Wed Jun 20, 2007 5:05 pm

Mmh, maybe Matthew Bellamy, from Muse (or the whole band).

I like music with lots of things going on, with a huge production and lots of sound, or even noisy sometimes, and Muse are good at that. Many of their songs also have that slightly - but not to much - melancholic, "plaintive" feel, and any anime I'd do, while having some humour and fun in it, would be far from the basic shojo packed with fanservice.

Some of their songs (mostly the more epic ones) are just brillant :
Showbiz :'), Space Dementia, Citizen Erased (the end, on piano, is killer), Mirco Cuts, Megalomania, Apocalypse Please, Butterfly and Hurricanes

But he's also good at more mellow/emotional songs (Falling Away With You, Black Out), and rock songs, that could make some good opening (Yes Please among others).
The Hullabaloo album has a CD with B-side tracks, that may not have fit in an album, some of those are pretty good, ambient, atmospheric : Forced In, Shrinking Universe, The Gallery, Hyper Chondriac Music...

Some also have a bit of a disco feel (mostly on their latest, Black Holes and Revelations), or a flamenco/spanish feel (Recess, City of Delusion)

John Williams is indeed impressive, but maybe "to classical" no ? (but I may be far from being able to picturing the whole sprectrum of his production^^)
Of course it's great if he can come up with an everlasting theme like the Imperial March for every production he works for, but if not I'd rather have a soundtrack that has "its own sound" (in this case, more like the sound of Muse^^)

Anyway I'd like to have some guitars in it (I mean heavy guitars), well blent with the whole orchestration, and peope would be like "oh wait, since when do I like some heavy stuff ? great anyway" :wink: (not that Muse are SOOOO heavy, but more than the average band anyway)

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Post by Grebo Guru » Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:44 pm

Hmmm. Well, for the background music, I'd tap Moby, Tangerine Dream, New Order, or -- my dream soundtrack band -- the Pet Shop Boys.

The opening and ending songs would be by, uh... hm. Someone Japanese. TRF or Romantic Mode would be good.

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