...And a Happy New Year

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...And a Happy New Year

Post by Tachyon » Sun Dec 31, 2006 5:06 am

I hope everyone has a happy New Year's celebration. I have 2 little boys to chase so I know I won't see midnight.

It's been pretty quiet around here lately, hasn't it? I hope 2007 will give us all plenty of things to discuss. Kosh and I have been watching out for spammers. Some people had complained about spammers a while back. I hope people are happy with the situation now.

As I look back on 2006 I'm happy with the Tyrant Sword, Gaia Gear and Orguss sections. I'm disappointed with how little material was added to the site. I've identified the main bottleneck: scanning. I can clean up scans on my office computer and I can sometimes find times at home to research and code pages. I rarely take out pages to scan anymore because I'm worried my 1 year old will find them. In March 2007 before my family returns from their trip I'm going to scan large amounts of material without any clean up. I'm hoping that will lead to more site updates in '07.

Anyways, here's to a good 2007. I'm looking forward to enjoying mecha goodness with all of you.
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Post by kosh » Sun Dec 31, 2006 6:04 pm

And a Happy New Year back to you and everyone at GOL. I think the site did quite well this year. True, there were no mountainous amounts of new material, but the updates were QUALITY material, not seen many, if any, other places. To me, quality is more important than quantity, so it's been a good year here and I'm looking forward to another good one in 2007 and beyond. :D
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Ladycus sopp

Post by Ladycus sopp » Mon Jan 01, 2007 1:32 am

happy New Year 2007 , full with good things.

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Post by 2000YearsOldMan » Tue Jan 02, 2007 11:44 pm

keep it up Tachyon!
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Post by StarBomber109 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:26 pm

Happy belated new year to you guys! Even though I'm new here, I can tell this is an awsome place...you guys inspired me to look for FFS (though, I haven't found much on it yet...still...)

Prosperity to you in the new year.

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