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Gundam Build Fighters Try

Post by levrin » Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:13 pm

The other new Gundam show we were actually waiting for with giddy anticipation! Gundam Build Fighters Try, or as I like to call it, The Continuing Adventures of Ramba Ral, is the sequel to Gundam Build Fighters, which was everything I ever wanted from G Gundam that it disappointed me on. Build Fighters Try takes place seven years after the original show with a mostly new cast, though the original characters are likely to show up for cameos frequently. The tournament this time looks to be 3-on-3 team fights, so the protagonist team is likely to be well developed, but the sheer number of enemies will make it hard to give them all fancy backstories. As before, episodes are available on the official Gundam Youtube channel.
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