Questions on Zeta Gundam

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Questions on Zeta Gundam

Post by Tachyon » Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:42 pm

I just finished watching the 50 episodes of Z Gundam and the first 2 of the Z Gundam movies. I've got a number of questions now.

1) The Zeta Gundam seems to have a strange power to absorb the "life energy" of people who died in battle. Is this a power of Camille Bidan or is there really something special about the Zeta Gundam? Does this sort of thing happen elsewhere in Gundam? I'm guessing Tomino wanted this in the story to show how newtypes were becoming more powerful with the passage of time?

2) Char Aznable seems like a much nicer guy in Z Gundam. Was this just a plot device to make him look like he fit with the heroes of the story? In Z Gundam he has no interest in joining Axis but in Char's Counterattack he changes and runs the group (Axis changed its name to Neo Zeon in ZZ Gundam).

3) Was the Dogoss Gear Scirocco's ship or was it given to him when he joined the Titans?

4) The cyber newtype program was declared a failure after the Z Gundam timeline, right? Does it ever surface again in the UC Gundam world?
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