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Post by Daishikaze » Mon Oct 18, 2004 4:52 pm

I definately agree with the suggestion to animate side stories from the other Gundam shows, Especially from the Gryps war era, even the 1st Neo Zeon War era.
Give the OYW a break for awhile, its been done to death.
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Post by KensaiMax » Mon May 08, 2006 4:38 pm

You're forgetting something.

The 08th MS Team treats the military and super-technology realistically and respectfully. Screw continuity with the rest of Gundam - by the very fact that giant robots break a lot and their rookie pilots screw up all the time it's already way out of Gundam continuity anyways.

As far as I care, it's the only Gundam series that's not an utter travesty.

And the characters? Give me a bunch of hard-ass, legal-to-drink veterans over the usual bishtacular Gundam cast any day of the week.


Post by J-lead » Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:48 am

Well, I have to disagree with you there at some points. I love 08th MS team and 0083 because they do just that-change the previously established continuity. I absolutely hate staying completely canon because it destroys the fun of coming up with fresh ideas, and 08th MS team was certainly a fresh idea. (mass produced gundams in the OYW? who woulda thought!?) Considering the state that the federation was in, they wouldn't have ever been able to hold out till October on earth without the RX-79(G) and the RGM-79(G) in their small numbers toi help to keep the Zeeks back. Luckily they were deployed mid-end of June to supplement the lines with at least a few MS, and I can imagine why the Zeon was so scared by the RX-78-2's deployment; it was the first MS to be successfully equipped with a beam weapon that matched that of a battleship, and it was part of the white base, which was the biggest threat to the Zeon at the time, so it was no wonder they concentrated their efforts on that the most rather than the (G) Gundam and (G) GM, which, as evidenced in the show, were much easier to destroy because of their low output generators and other limitations to cut costs keeping back their performance. The White base was being used as a decoy to help distract the Zeon from the growing deployment of federation suits, and although they originally meant the RGM-79, the GM didn't see widespread combat till shortly before odessa, but the RX-79(G) and the RGM-79(G) GM were perfect pre-production guinea pigs to help the federation learn about MS combat from more than just recovered data from the Gundam. As for the Apsalus, its a MA, not a MS, so I guess it's still feasible for it to have a minovsky craft system. I like 0083, not because it explained the birth of the Titans, but because it fills in the technology gap between 0079 and 0087. The federation only covered up all the data on the Gundam Development project, it never said anything about them covering up the Stardust incident. (Yeah, the dendrobium and the Neue Ziel were both powerful enough to be in ZZ, but they are high end MA, and you never really get to see high end MA aside from the Big Zam and Apsalus, after all.)

As for the 0087-0088 side stories, you certainly have my vote there. I totally agree with you, those particular conflicts really need more attention. (ZZ gundam needs to be totally revised and re-writted to make it more like Z gundam IMO.)

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