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Gaia Gear Mecha Specs

Post by Tachyon » Mon May 29, 2006 10:52 pm

For those of you who like comparing statistics here are the specs on the Gaia Gear mecha. I didn't look at MAHQ. I don't know if they have this info or not.

Gussa UM-190 B. I
head height 19.8 meters
total height 19.8 meters
dry weight 24.8 tons
full weight 40.1 tons
generator power 4,120kw
thruster power 4,680kg
sensor range 1,850 meters
armor gundarium composite

Gussa UM-190 B. II
head height 19.8 meters
total height 20.9 meters
dry weight 31.0 tons
full weight 53.2 tons
generator power 4,700kw
thruster power 6,110kg
sensor range 2,200 meters
armor gundarium composite

Refine Zorin Soul RX-110
head height 19.2 meters
total height 20.8 meters
dry weight 26.8 tons
full weight 60.2 tons
generator power 5,200kw
thruster power 68.000kg
sensor range 18,000 meters
armor gundarium composite

Gaia Gear Alpha
serial number alpha000-0001
head height 20.9 meters
full height 22.7 meters
dry weight 22.7 tons / 31.8 tons (reports vary)
full weight 50.2 tons
generator power 14,460kw (total)
3,220kw x2
4,010kw x2
thruster power 128,000kg (total)
18,100kg x2
45,900kg x2
sensor range 27,000 meters
armor gundarium composite

Gids Geese
height 24.6 meters
dry weight 37 tons
full weight 60.7 tons
generator power 10,800kw

height 20 meters
dry weight 21 tons
full weight 58 tons
generator power 52,000kw

Bromb Texter Production Series
height 24 meters
dry weight 32 tons
full weight 56 tons
generator power 12,600kw
If you don't like the news then go make some of your own.

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