Some More Material for Tyrant Sword

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Some More Material for Tyrant Sword

Post by Tachyon » Sat Apr 01, 2006 6:00 pm

I don't have a lot of time for updates today (my 2 little boys are threatening to light the kitchen on fire) but I've set aside some time to sit down and incorporate some material from the volunteer translator for Tyrant Sword of Neofalia.

I haven't forgotten about Gundam Gaia Gear and Quo Vadis. Just give me a little more time. After those 2 projects I'll post a vote so that we can all discuss what project is next. Macross? Dunbine? Bubblegum Crisis? L Gaim? Cruise Chaser Blassty? Starship Troopers [anime version]? I have enough material to do a respectable job of all of these titles.

While I'm discussing future projects, I'll say that I've been dragging my feet on Gaia Gear because I'm hoping to pick up the 5 novels in Tokyo when I visit there in May. Also, I want to do a Gundam MSV section which would be, of course, real big as there's TONS of MSV designs. I was hoping to work with a Gundam profile writer for that project, though.

If I can find a Gundam profile writer willing to work with me I'd dive into Gundam 0083 and Char's Counterattack sections. I've got lots of lovely material for those two.

This is a real long shot but if I can somehow manage to find the 2 Dragonar Newtype 100% editions in Tokyo I'll make a Dragonar section that will be truly nice. That's a solid promise.
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Vega Vaikyuko

Post by Vega Vaikyuko » Sat Apr 01, 2006 6:20 pm

You might look to "toysdream" (more commonly known as Mark Simmons) on various other mecha boards. He's done many profiles for the AoZ Wiki and for MAHQ, so I'd think he might like working with you.

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