MSA-0011 Deep Striker Versions?

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MSA-0011 Deep Striker Versions?

Post by galvitron » Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:15 am

Hi everyone! I'm new here but I have been into collecting/building Gundam kits for about 10 years. Hopefully I can add to some of the discussion in the future but for now I had a question that someone(s) can hopefully answer:

What are all the available kits/toys of the MSA-0011 Deep Striker?

If anyone doesn't remember what this is, check here: ... 303e/1.htm

Here's the ones I know of:

- 1/100 G-System resin kit (about $500 U.S.)
- FIX from Bandai
- Super Deformed

I hear there are also the following, but I have never seen them:
- 1/300 Resin kit (from an old convention?)
- 1/220 Resin kit
- 1/100 Recast of the G-system kit
- 1/100 resin kit that says "Craftsbase, JAF-CON '95 Limited Edition"

Anybody know anything I don't? I love this design and I want to explore my options before buying some outrageous G-System priced kit. Thanks!

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