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Tyrant Sword Info Available!

Post by Tachyon » Wed Feb 15, 2006 3:01 am

Chris F. has been working with some friends of his to create a summary of Tyrant Sword of Neofalia. He Emailed me this evening with a link and below you'll find a copy of what I found. This info will be used on the Tyrant Sword pages.
Keith McGreggor is a Federation Border Patrol pilot, he's pulled from duty by Anaheim because of his potential as a test pilot for something called the SE Project. The SE Generator is a new power source Anaheim is testing on a MS test-class known as "Sword", Keith is assigned to the Sword code-named Tyrant.

Neophalia is an Anaheim research facility where the SE Project is being conducted

The "Slave Sword" in an unmanned mobile-funnel type support mecha. The SE Generators installed on Slave Swords are more stable than that of the Tyrant, but the actual output is only 40% of the Tyrant's. The Tyrant's power is superior to that of most prior mobile suits and mechs. Multiple Slave Swords can be used at once.

the RS-82B-R GM II Custom is a high-mobility version of the GM, used later as the basis of the Gundam Mk2 and the RX-86 Sam. The RS-81-STI Nemo is a test-type revision of the GM2, created as an attempt to give it heavy armor and greater firepower, however this greatly decreased mobility, and the line was scrapped. The project went on to create the Nemo Sword Custom, which is the first unit in which the SE Generator and the SE Drive Thruster were employed. 3 units of this type were created, and the third served as the basis of the Slave Sword.

As far as the plot goes, the story is broken up into five installments.

We get introduced to Keith, a GM II pilot in chapter 1. He participates in a battle against Neo Zeon, and is manned aboard the Salamis class ship "Bill Kenya". The day after, Anaheim requests that he transfer to one of their test facilities, the 13th Anaheim Development Facility -- Neofalia

Keith becomes the test pilot of RS-NF-81-STI SES Nemo Sword Custom for the SE Generator testing project, under chief technician Nina. Testing conditions were overly severe, and the unit was placed under an incredible amount of G-force. The Nemo Sword Custom goes berserk, and Keith just barely makes it out with an emergency ejection.

Progress to chapter 3 ... (he gets introduced to Neofalia in ch. 2)

The Tyrant is completed. Keith tests it against the newest Federation Mobile Armors. It proves far superior, and destroys all three without a problem.

chapter 4...

Federation decides to give a demonstration of the Tyrant to suppress some form of civil unrest in the regions governed by the Jupiter Energy Fleet.

Translator Comment: "I think it happens on one of the moon. Titan I think."

Keith encounters Paptimus Scirocco, and they battle. Paptimus is piloting the Messala Dinofaust Jupiter. The Messala Dinofaust Alpha is the mass-production model of the same unit.

Paptimus evades Keith's SE Cannon, and hits the Tyrant with a High Mega Beam from behind, but it is blocked by Tyrant's SE Field. Tyrant counterattacks and damages the Messala. Paptimus retreats.

chapter 5...

The Tyrant is refitted with parts from the Z Project and a new SE Generator known as AG-Type. Two Slave Swords are constructed as support mecha. The refitted Tyrant is now known as Tyrant Sword Custom "Agress".

Neofalia recieves word that nearby regions have been attacked by the Messala mass-production model. The Federation announces that it's abandoning Neofalia.

Its revealed that, originally, the reason why Keith was selected for the SE project is that he's apparently some form of evolution from the Newtypes called "NextOne". It turns out that NextOnes potentially have the ability to control space and time. As Keith's existence potentially threatens the Federation, they decide to get rid of him by sending him against the Messalas.

The NextOne ability is integral to the control and function of the SE Generator System, and his abilities begin to awaken during this encounter. He becomes one with the SE System and instantaneously destroys a couple of defense ships. Keith is able to see the images sent by the Tyrant's sensors as if he was seeing them with his own eyes.

Translator Comments: "Sorry, I got some of the politics wrong. Basically, the regions near jupiter are under the influence of Paptimus. In the earlier chapter, the civil unrest is used by the Federation as a chance to demonstrate the Tyrant's power, but the purpose is to seize control of the region."

The Messalas' beams are useless against the SE-Field generated by the Tyrant. Subconsciously, Keith extends the SE-Field to cover most of the enemy units. There's a flash of light, and suddenly all the units are destroyed.

An entire block of space around Jupiter is destroyed. Paptimus retreats.

Neofalia is destroyed, and most files regarding the SE Project vanish. Related data is suppressed by the Federation.

When Keith returns to the Federation, he's immediately sent to the front lines.

Translator Comment: "No information regarding what happens to the Tyrant."
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Post by kosh » Wed Feb 15, 2006 4:12 am

Wow , now I know where the Zero System from Gundam Wing came from , the SE System sounds very much like it , in so much as Keith becomes one with it and sees what the senors see . This information is priceless , they did a great job with it .
Do you understand?

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