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Post by ninjascience » Thu Oct 13, 2005 6:13 pm

Somebody who as translated some of the japanese notes answered the question over at the Titans Test Team forum.
The plates just contain rails for launching the wire-guided arms, as the Japanese captions in the line art state. In the second of your scanned images, the rail is indicated with a text label on the top left of the page, and the caption below explains that "when the winch unit is used, the launch rail section swivels forward to fire the arm." ... =260&st=15


new images!

Post by ninjascience » Thu Dec 22, 2005 11:11 pm

I finally got my dirty little fingers on the vol 2 and 3 art books...

Also, there's some new images from DHM Feb. 2006 floating around of the new Hazel Rah Second Form. They are in there too.

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