Wave 1/144 LED Mirage Ver.3

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Post by KOG » Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:47 am

DN wrote:Yes guy, It's more cheaper than resin. But I think it high price if we prepare with another 1/144 FSS Plastic kits.

However, It's OK because Resin is very Expensive. :D

And In my idea,It's posibble the WAVE just have plan to build 1/100 Infrano Naplam Plastic kits in soon. (next year) :idea:
Actually... Wave 1/144 plastic LED is 3200 yen, LED Colus is 3400 yen, and LED Sarion and KOG V3 are 3600 yen. So the price of LED V3 is not that much more.

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