looking for help from anyone who owns volks 1/100 blue cross

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looking for help from anyone who owns volks 1/100 blue cross

Post by KOG » Sun Feb 13, 2005 5:59 am

I spent the better part of 2 days checking over all my volks originals, to make sure none were missing any parts. I probably should have checked them all as I got them, instead of now, but oh well...

Long story short, I noticed I am missing a couple parts from my Volks (blue) Cross Mirage Female Type w/ Weapons Set. Specifically, I am missing the core/base of the bow-like weapon, and I'm also missing the piece that holds all the missiles. Pretty major pieces! I'm pretty pissed off the seller didn't mention this problem.

It's not totally the end of the world, since I can just build the cross with the boring sword instead of the cool bow weapon. But obviously, I'd much rather be able to use the bow with the kit.

So if anyone else owns a copy of this kit (original or recast), hopefully in the USA or Canada (just makes things easier), I'm wondering if I can borrow the pieces I'm missing so I can have them recast? I'd be willing to pay a fee to make it worth your time.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

If no one actually has the kit, maybe you can direct me to a place selling a recast of the kit? I've already checked hobbyfan and E2046 and come up empty.

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