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Models and Toys Related to Five Star Stories

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KOG wrote:Darn it. I know SOME female headdliner had a male fatima. Who was it?
Vincent Valentine wrote:According to the Nagano drawing of the old LED, the Spadd (beam sabre) is from a green > yellow > clear colour (near the tip). So 'green' is the best choice here.

Alecto is a Female Fatima. She has quite a part in Traffics, if I recall.
The Ex family (Lie Ex, Pannar Ex, Arart Ex) has male fatima Icarus and Dippa Dorops (Mirage #9) has Achilles.

Jobo42 > Oh, the website is in Japanese, so some characters might not show up right if u didnt install JP fonts in ur PC. But still, you should be able to see the English text for the Mirage Machines and its pilots/fatima. For e.g, the first column is engine serial no., LED MIRAGE No.1[VIII] means it is LED Mirage Machine number one, with the body number of 8, and the body number VIII gets painted on the armor.

And John is right about the slight changes Nagano made regarding the labelling of the LED Mirages. Recent pics of the LED V3 with Napalm dont show any numbering any more.
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Hellequin wrote:That's me... can't really think of any other mcon9z9's out there :P . I lurked on Heika.net forever too. I think I had a total postcount of 12 by the time it went under. Heh. I had to move over when it went... I may not talk much but I have to have my FSS kit news, even if I almost never buy anything :D .
Great. We can talked about Theoretical Physics again some time in the future. :D

If we can get back Mark W over here, then we'll have a full house.
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