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MMC November Event: Five Star Stories

Postby scopeeye » Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:44 am

Hi everybody - I joined up here 'cause I run a model contest site called "Mecha Model Comp" - and this month we're having a Five Star Stories contest. I heard this would be a good place to get in touch with some FSS modelers.

Entries may be of any FSS subject. FSS models include some pretty intricate designs, so I really look forward to seeing what the FSS modelers have to show.

Contest rules in brief:
  • Entries must be your own painted works
  • You may enter models completed up to a year before the date of submission
  • It's OK to enter models that were involved in other contests, so long as they weren't previously entered on MMC
  • Models will be judged primarily on the quality of their build and finish, and how well they are presented. (Including photographic quality, etc.)

Other upcoming events:
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