Queen Koon WF2006 - question about the name

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Queen Koon WF2006 - question about the name

Post by Akito » Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:47 pm

First I must say that I am not yet very familiar with all FSS characters and forms, so I am sorry if this question is just plain stupid.
I have been wondering this since I saw the kit first time.. Is that Queen Koon name used in the series at some point? I have always seen her named as The Bride or Bacstual and have tried to google some info but all that was found with Queen Koon were that kit and some japanese/chinese sites that I understand nothing from.
I actually even have that kit myself since I love its design but havent got time to start it yet.


Post by TSP » Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:16 am

It's just a mistranslation. Queen is written Ku~N in Katakana. That's all.


Post by Akito » Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:39 pm

hmm arent Queen and that kit character different persons? There is link to the kit http://www.e2046.com/product_info.php?products_id=6464


re: Queen Kun/The Bride

Post by fwmc04 » Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:53 am


Yes, they are 2 different characters. The kit listed as "Queen Kun" *is* actually Bacstual, the sculpt based on the illustration titled "The Bride". She was properly listed on the Wonderfest/Factorys challenge site (which was down the other night - what happened to it?)

I'm guessing the E2046 crew just assumed it was "Queen", since they list a few kits of her in vaguely-similar white outfits (especially the Tomo-A PS one - http://www.e2046.com/product_info.php?products_id=1676 )
They're not exactly FSS fans - they have the (Volks, I think) 1/8 Fatima Kyo listed under "King of Fighters"


Post by Akito » Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:16 pm

ok thanks! Thats quite big mistake from them, naming it so wrong.. I have seen the kit at E2046 and Hobbyfan (place where I bought it) named like that. Had to check instructions that came with it and it clearly says 1/8 The Bride (in japanese letters). Seems like they either cannot read japanese, or they just doesnt care :P

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